• A continuous stream of incoming data, a vast amount of data stored already. A challenge to bifurcate data to show comprehensive reports and graphs
  • Sending Timely Push Notifications highlighting, Yield, Alarm Status, New Releases …
  • Animated Graphs with Zooming, Panning, Scrolling and Preview features
  • Content Refreshing to ensure the data is live


Acronym for Delta Remote Monitoring, this mobile app provides a dashboard and analytics for Delta’s PV Inverter customers. Customers ranged from large ones with solar sites spread all over the country to the smaller ones with one or two sites in a single geographical location.
In conjunction with their unique monitoring device, DelREMO app was required to track the energy harvesting of Delta inverters and was to provide in depth analytics to the customer.


  • Comprehensive performance comparison
  • DelREMO device measures and compares the yield data of the each individual Inverter. The mobile app used this data and plotted it against a time interval.
  • Configurable alarm function
  • Alarms are sent out automatically via email. Daily yield notifications are also possible. Furthermore, all status and error messages are displayed.
  • Reports
  • Graphs were provided for Yield, Performance Ratio, Communication Trend, AC Power, ACDC Current and Voltage. The user had option to share this data. Besides this an overall plant report could be generated to be sent via email.
  • Service Login
  • The service engineer had a more comprehensive dashboard with access to all the sites across the world.