Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Orbio’s Enterprise Data Analytics Solutions help harness the potential of your company data by monetizing it while offering delightful customer experiences. We enable organizations predict customer behavior, meet their requirements and cement long-term client relationships.

Offering Advanced Modeling and Strategic Consultation

Orbio Solutions acts as a trusted advisor to its clients, meeting their location intelligence needs by offering consultation and real-time market knowledge. Our analytics expertise is the key to identifying solutions, which may include software model or market study report as deliverables. In essence, our Predictive Analytics services help organizations make more profitable business decisions.

Communicating Complex Data Intuitively

Our Data Visualization services enable customers to visualize their data interactively. The process starts with Data Analysis and ends with a designed and developed final product.

Mastering the craft of Data Visualization for years, Orbio Solutions has helped its clients understand complex data in order to convey it accurately, and create an end visualization product that helps in meeting the goal of an organization.

Leveraging Proven Methodologies in Business Intelligence

Businesses today should be able to draw insight and perceive the value of every purchase, customer interaction and tweet. Our comprehensive and cost-effective Business Intelligence and Analytics services offer a foundation to assist you in making sharp business decisions, take bold actions and carry them out with a skillful methodology.

Transforming Data into Intelligent and Intuitive Actions

Big data presents insightful, hidden opportunities that have to be unlocked by an organization in order to reach its full potential. At Orbio Solutions, we help you transform technology into business outcomes by offering solutions such as information management, analytics and business intelligence under one umbrella. We have the expertise, tools and skills to turn your business issues into opportunities.

  • Defensive Merchandising

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Market Analysis

  • Performance Analysis

  • Sales Lift Analysis