Independent Testing

With our advanced Application Development and Maintenance service.

Independent Testing

Orbio Solutions helps businesses accelerate time-to-market by minimizing the time spent across different stages of application development lifecycle.

By shortening the development lifecycle, our methodology assists organizations in faster project completion. Application failure or unexpected downtime is completely unacceptable in today’s challenging business environment, as it frustrates customers and wrecks your bottom line. In this complicated world of application development, it certainly makes sense that you have a competent IT partner.

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Why PocketMenu

PocketMenu is your menu available on your finger tips any time and helps you find the food your taste.

We think that people have different taste and choices for the food and found these choices are based on taste, quality, cuisines and quantity.

25 Customer Interviews

Everyone made mistakes and ordered a dish that they didn't like. They felt that they would have ordered something else.

Major challenges for existing solution for food ordering online is known quantity and type of taste a dish has. We found the most effective way of choosing the right dish is to have multiple pictures of dishes to judge the quantity and tagging of pictures with it's taste by the community.

37 Survey Results

41% said taste is preference

23% said quantity matters

13% said experience and environment

13% cost is crucial

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